Pattern Making Using Motif and Colour

A motif is a small design repeated to form a pattern. It is made by using different things. Examples of such items are leaves, flowers, different figures and shapes. The materials used for making a motif

We could use the following materials for making a motif:

1 A4 Paper

2 Crayon

3 Ruler

4 Pencil

5 Eraser

6 Small objects that have the shape of a circle, or other shapes


How to use motif to make patterns

The following are steps to take to make motifs

Step 1: Place all the materials you need on the table.

Step 2: Rule your paper in vertical and horizontal lines as a guide.

Step 3: Draw triangular shapes in each of the boxes.

Step 4: Apply colours of your choice to the pattern.


The colouring pattern

The beauty of a motif depends on how you apply the colours. When colouring a motif, make sure you use, at least, three colours. This would make your work look beautiful.



Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “Pattern making using motif and colour”

Step III: Teacher states the material needed for pattern making using motif and colour

Step IV: Teacher performs the steps for making pattern using motif and colour

Step V: Pupils are allow to make their own motif



Make another motif and colour it. Follow the colouring pattern used in the class to colour your own motif.



  1. What is motif?
  2. List three materials needed for pattern making using motif and colour.
  3. State two steps for making pattern using motif and colour.

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