Traditional Festival

These are ceremonies which bring people together. Every tribe, society or community have a festival they do. The festivals are done to celebrate an event, customs or tradition.

Examples of traditional festivals

  1. The Osun festival: This Osun festival is held every year in Osogbo, Osun state. It celebrates the goddess of the Osun River. However, there is so much music, dancing, tourism activities, dressing and hairdo display. This has made the Osun festival an international cultural festival
  2. 2 The Eyo festival: This is held in Lagos State. The Eyomasquerade is dressed in white garment. He prays for people and collects gift from them.
  1. The New Yam festival: This is held in the eastern part of Nigeria. It celebrates the New Yam season. Many Igbos go to their towns or villages to celebrate the festival. There is a great display of culture in traditional dresses, hairdo, music and dancing. Masquerades also come out during this festival.
  2. The Argungu festival: This is a festival common to Sokoto and Kebbi states in the northern part of Nigeria. It is held to celebrate the fishermen. The fishermen come out to catch fishes in the river and the man that catches the largest fish wins a prize. Beautiful boats, music and dresses are part of this festival.
  3. The Sharo festival: This festival is held among the Fulani tribe. It involves the flogging of a young man to qualify him to be an adult man. If the man passes the test, then he becomes a man, matured to be married. He is not expected to cry. This festival is performed in the market place.

Things that is associated with traditional festivals

  1. Music
  2. Dance
  3. Clothes and shoes
  4. Animals
  5. Food and
  6. Fruits


The importance of traditional festivals

  1. Traditional festivals promote unity in the society.
  2. Traditional festivals promote cultural values.
  3. It is easier to spread information among people during festivals.
  4. Festivals teach the youths about their culture.
  5. Traders make more money because of many people coming home for the festivals.
  6. Many visitors come to know about our culture and people during festivals.



Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “Traditional festival”

Step III: Teacher lists and explains examples of traditional festival

Step IV: Teacher lists and explains things associated with and the importance of traditional festivals.

Step V: Pupils contribute and ask questions



(a) Mention five materials associated with festivals.

(b) Which tribe celebrates the New Yam festival?

(c) Festivals teach us about our culture. [Yes] [No]

(d) Which state celebrates the Eyo festival?

(e) The Argungu festival is a fishing festival. [Yes] [No]



(a) The Argungu festival is common to which states?

(b) The Eyo masquerade wears a yellow dress. [Yes] [No]

(c) Which state celebrates the Osun festival?

(d) Which festival is celebrated among the Fulani tribe?

(e) Which festival takes place in the market?


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