Traditional Song and Folk Song

Folk songs are traditional music of the people. They are songs of the people in their local languages. We have folk songs in Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Itsekiri, Ijaw, Kanuri and other Nigerian languages. They are the local music of the people. They teach morals. An example is given below.


Song                                                          Meaning

Ise agbe, ise ile wa.                                  Farming is our people’s occupation.

Eni ko si se, a ma ja le.                             He who does not work would surely steal.

Iwe kiko, laisi oko ati ada                         Education without agricultural practices,

ko ipe o, ko ipe o. Is not complete!         ,Is not complete!!!


Uses of folk songs

  1. Folk songs are used to make babies to sleep.
  2. Folk songs are used to make folktales interesting.
  3. Folk songs are used to teach values
  4. Folk songs are used during ceremonies like weddings.
  5. Folk songs are used in traditional religious worship and ceremonies.
  6. Folk songs are used to educate the society or narrate history. Nowadays, we hear folk songs like – Laye olugbon… this means in the olden days.



Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “Traditional song and folk song”

Step III: Teacher lists and sings examples of traditional festival song and also teaches the students how to sing it.

Step IV: Teacher explains the uses of folk song

Step V: Pupils contribute and ask questions



1 Answer the following questions.

(a) Who is a farmer?

(b) Mention five crops a farmer plants.

(c) What is the name of a farmer in your dialect.



  1. What does folk song teaches us?
  2. Write a song that makes a baby to sleep.
  3. Mention two uses of a folk song.
  4. The tortoise is mentioned in many folk stories and songs. Mention one character of a tortoise.

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