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Functional art works are both beautiful and useful. We use them every day in our homes. Examples of functional art works include walking stick, cups, pots and carved chairs.

More examples of functional art works include:

  1. Carved chair: It is used for sitting.
  2. Flower vase: It is used for decoration.
  3. LampshadeIt: It is used for decoration.
  4. Wooden comb: It is used for combing the hair.
  5. Ceramic pot: It is used for cooking.
  6. Walking stick: It is used to help an old man to walk better.



Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic ” Colouring functional art works ”

Step III: Teacher states types of functional art works.

Step IV: Teacher explains the uses of functional art work

Step V: Pupils make relevant contributions.



(a) Wooden comb: It is used for ______________.

(b) Walking stick: It is used for ______________.

(c) Flower vase: It is used for ______________.

(d) Ceramic pot: It is used for ______________.



Answer the following questions with [Yes] or [No].

(a) Art works are beautiful. [      ]

(b) Functional art works are useless at home. [       ]

(c) Flower vase is used for drinking water. [        ]

(d) Ceramic pots are used for cooking. [        ]

(e) A walking stick is an example of a functional art work. [       ]


Students’ activities

1 Mention other functional art works that can be found in your home. Discuss this with your teacher and classmates.

2 Draw some of these art works in your notebook.

3 Apply different colours to these drawing


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