Processes of Becoming a Citizen of a Country

Qualification for Citizenship in Nigeria

Citizenship of a country, especially Nigeria, can be through any of these ways.

  1. By Birth: A person becomes a citizen of Nigeria by birth if the parents are Nigerians, are if he was born in Nigeria on or before the independence.
  2. 2.Through Naturalization: A foreigner who has stayed in Nigeria for at least 15 years can apply for Nigerian Citizenship.
  1. Through Registration: A foreigner who has married a Nigerian can apply for Nigerian Citizenship. He has to be of good character and must meet other conditions specified by Nigerian law.


Qualifications for Citizenship in Nigeria

The following conditions must be met by a foreigner to become a citizen of Nigeria:

  1. Age: He must have attained the required age stipulated by the Nigerian Constitution i.e. more than 21 years old.
  2. 2.Residence:He must have lived in Nigeria for at least fifteen years.
  1. Acceptability by the Community: He must be accepted by the residents of the community he lives.
  2. Readiness to Live in Nigeria: He must be willing to live and stay in Nigeria.
  3. 5. Contribution to Development: He must be willing to contribute meaningfully to the economic, political and social development of Nigeria.
  4. Oath of Allegiance: He must be ready to take the oath of allegiance.



  1. Explain three process of becoming a citizen of a country.
  2. What are the conditions that must be met by a foreigner to become a citizen of Nigeria.


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