Single Column cash book

INTRODUCTION: This is the book for recording receipts and payments of money in cash or cheque.

NOTE: No credit transaction should be recorded in the cash book.

CASH ACCOUNT: This is the account which is used for recording money received and paid with cash. The balance is referred to as CASH IN HAND. All cash received must be debited while cash paid will be credited to the cash account.

Illustration 1:

Enter the following transactions in the cash account of Olaide


July 1 Cash in hand                   1,500

July 3 Cash to Okola                   250

July 5 Cash Sales                        500

July 6 Cash purchases                  700

July 7 Bought Stationery                50

July 9 Paid Insurance                      30

July 10 Paid wages                       25

July 12 cash sales                        155


                               DR           CASH ACCOUNT           CR

N                                                                 N

July 1 bal. b/f       1,500                    July 3 Okola             250

July 5 sales               500                   July 6 Purchaser        750

July 12 sales             115                   July 7 Stationery        50

July 9 Insurance            30

July 10 wages                 25

Bal. c/d                           1,010

2,115                                                 2,115

BANK ACCOUNT: The bank account is a record of money deposited into the bank and money withdrawn from the bank. All cheques received must be debited while cheques issued out must be credited.

Illustration 2:

Enter the following transactions in the bank account of Ogundele.


June 1 Cash in hand                                           2,500

June 3 Paid to Okocha by cheque                   650

June 5 Sold goods and received cheque          450

June 6 Received Cheque from Agali                230

June 7 Sent Cheque to Komolafe

June 9 Bought goods with cheque                    300


                                    DR        BANK ACCOUNT           CR

N                                                               N

June 1 bal. b/f      2,500                    July 3 Okocha          650

June 5 sales              450                   July 6 Purchaser        750

June 6 sales              230                   July 7 Stationery         50

July 9 Insurance               30

July 10 wages                   25

Bal. b/d                     1,910                                  Bal. c/d       1,010

3,180                                                 3,180

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