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/i/ this is a short vowel which is also a front vowel. For the production of the vowel, however, the part of the tongue raised is nearer the centre than the front while the lips are spread. The common spelling symbol are:

“I” as in Pit

“e” as in Pretty

“a” as in Village

“y” as in Symbol

“ay” as inMonday

“w” as in build

“u” as in miniute


/a:/ this is a long vowel which may be described as a back vowel even though it is actually articulated with the part of the tongue between the centre and the back. While the lips are in neutral position, the jaw is open. The usually spelling symbol are:

“a” as in Pass

“ar” as in Cart

“al” as in Palm

“au” as in laugh

“ear” as in Heart


/e/ this is also a short vowel, the tongue is raised to position where the Jaw can neither be described as “open” or “Close”. The lips are spread for the production of /e/ which like all the other vowel in English is voiced. The common spelling symbol are:

“e” as in bed

“a” as in many

“ea” as in head

“ai” as in said

“ie” as in friend.


/a/ this is a short vowel articulated (produced) with the back of the tongue while the jaw is open.  The lips are rounded far the pronunciation of this vowel. The common spelling symbols are:

“a” as in want

“ou” as in Cough

“O” as in Dog


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