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Apple MacBook Pro Retina Core i7 ($21/Month) | Full Specifications

The Apple MacBook Pro Retina Core i7 2.6GHz with 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and a 15-inch display, identified by the model MC976LL/A, is a remarkable piece of technology, even in its refurbished state. Let’s delve into the various aspects that make this laptop stand out: Performance Prowess: Core i7 Processor: At its heart, this MacBook […]

The Apple MacBook Pro Retina Core i7 2.6GHz with 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and a 15-inch display, identified by the model MC976LL/A, is a remarkable piece of technology, even in its refurbished state. Let’s delve into the various aspects that make this laptop stand out:

Performance Prowess:
Core i7 Processor: At its heart, this MacBook boasts an Intel Core i7 processor clocked at 2.6GHz. This powerful CPU ensures swift and efficient performance for both everyday tasks and resource-intensive applications.

Memory and Storage:
8GB RAM: With 8GB of RAM, this MacBook can efficiently multitask, handle large files, and run memory-hungry applications without breaking a sweat.
512GB SSD: The 512GB Solid State Drive (SSD) not only offers ample storage space for your files and applications but also enhances the laptop’s overall speed, resulting in faster boot times and snappy program launches.

Retina Display:
– The term “Retina” signifies a high-resolution display with pixel density so high that individual pixels are virtually indistinguishable to the human eye. This MacBook features a 15-inch Retina display, providing you with stunning visual clarity, vibrant colors, and sharp text.

Portability and Build:
– MacBook Pro models are known for their sleek and portable design. This laptop is no exception. Its aluminum unibody construction not only looks premium but also ensures durability.
– The 15-inch form factor strikes a balance between screen real estate and portability, making it suitable for both work and entertainment on the go.

Refurbished Quality:
– As a refurbished product, this MacBook has undergone rigorous testing and refurbishment processes to ensure it meets Apple’s quality standards. This means you can enjoy the benefits of an Apple product at a more budget-friendly price point without compromising on performance.

Operating System:
– This MacBook Pro runs macOS, Apple’s renowned operating system, providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as access to a vast ecosystem of applications and services.

The Apple MacBook Pro Retina Core i7 2.6GHz with 8GB RAM and a 512GB SSD, sporting a 15-inch Retina display and identified by the model MC976LL/A, offers a compelling blend of power, portability, and visual excellence. Whether you’re a creative professional, a business user, or simply someone who appreciates quality technology, this refurbished MacBook Pro is a formidable choice.

Product Highlight

Screen Size: The screen size of this device is 15.4 inches. This generous display size is ideal for a wide range of tasks, from productivity work to entertainment. Whether you’re editing documents, watching videos, or enjoying your favorite photos, the 15.4-inch screen offers a comfortable and immersive visual experience.

HD Capacity: With a spacious 512 GB of storage capacity, you’ll have ample room to store your files, documents, photos, videos, and applications. This substantial storage space ensures that you won’t have to worry about running out of room for your digital content and can keep your data well-organized.

RAM Memory: This device is equipped with 8 GB of RAM memory. RAM is essential for multitasking and running applications smoothly. With 8 GB of RAM, you can effortlessly switch between applications, handle complex tasks, and experience responsive performance, enhancing your overall computing experience.

Color: The device is available in a sleek silver color. Silver is a timeless and elegant choice, giving the device a modern and premium appearance. It’s a color that appeals to a wide range of users and can seamlessly fit into various settings, whether it’s for work, school, or personal use.

Operating System (OS): The device runs on Mac OS, Apple’s renowned operating system. Mac OS is celebrated for its user-friendly interface, stability, and a wealth of built-in applications that cater to a variety of creative and productivity needs. It provides a seamless and intuitive computing experience for users.

Wireless Connectivity: This device offers multiple options for wireless connectivity. It features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wi-Fi ensures that you can connect to the internet wirelessly, granting you access to the vast world of online information and services. Bluetooth enables you to connect to various peripherals and accessories such as wireless mice, keyboards, headphones, and speakers, making it easy to expand and enhance your computing experience without the hassle of cables.

Product Details:

Our professionally restored MacBook Pro, meticulously refurbished to impeccable working order by our certified vendor. This laptop has undergone a comprehensive inspection, a thorough cleaning, and precise repairs to ensure it meets the original manufacturer’s specifications. While it may exhibit some signs of prior use, such as minor scratching, scuffs, dings, or dents, rest assured that its performance remains uncompromised. It’s possible that the screen may display mild keyboard marks, but this does not affect its functionality. Furthermore, your purchase includes a power adapter for your convenience, though the original packaging is not part of the deal.

Apple MacBook Pro – Good Cosmetics

Key Features:
– 2.6GHz Intel Core i7 Processor
– 512GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
– 8GB RAM Memory
– 15 Inch Screen
– Power Adapter Included

Certified Refurbishment:
This product may not carry the official manufacturer’s certification, but it has been rigorously inspected, tested, and cleaned by our trusted Walmart Restored Program Sellers and Suppliers. This ensures you receive a fully functional product that performs like new, even though it may exhibit minor cosmetic defects, blemishes, dents, or scratches when held approximately 12 inches away or less.

Comprehensive Accessory Package:
Your purchase includes all the accessories you need for seamless operation. While these accessories may not be original, they are compatible and fully functional. Please note that the packaging may be generic but is designed to protect your investment during shipping and handling.

Satisfaction Guarantee:
We stand by the quality of our restored MacBook Pro. If you find any aspect of your purchase unsatisfactory, you can return this product within 90 days for a free return or replacement, ensuring your peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Exceptional Battery Performance:
The MacBook Pro’s battery capacity exceeds 80% of its original capacity when compared to its new equivalent. This means you can enjoy extended usage and productivity without concerns about rapid battery degradation.

Experience the power and performance of the MacBook Pro with the added assurance of quality and satisfaction, thanks to our meticulous restoration process. Whether you’re a professional in need of a reliable workhorse or a student seeking a versatile companion, this MacBook Pro is an excellent choice. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a high-quality laptop at an affordable price.


RAM Memory Type: DDR3
Operating System: Mac OS
Processor Type: Intel Core i7
RAM Memory: 8 GB
Hard Drive Capacity: 512 GB
Screen Size: 15.4 inches
Battery Life: Up to 5 hours
Maximum RAM Supported: 8 GB
Brand: Apple
Condition: Restored
Manufacturer Part Number: MC976LL/A
Model: MC976A85122699
Manufacturer: Apple
Wireless Technology: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

These specifications describe a Mac laptop from the manufacturer Apple. It features a DDR3 RAM memory type, a powerful Intel Core i7 processor, and 8 GB of RAM, ensuring smooth and efficient performance for various tasks. With a spacious 512 GB hard drive capacity, you’ll have plenty of storage space for your files and applications.

The laptop boasts a 15.4-inch screen, providing a comfortable viewing experience for work or entertainment. Its battery can last up to 5 hours on a single charge, making it suitable for on-the-go use.

Despite being a restored unit, it carries the Apple brand and maintains its high-quality standards. The manufacturer part number is MC976LL/A, and the model number is MC976A85122699, both of which are identifiers for this specific Apple laptop.

In terms of connectivity, this laptop supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, ensuring you can stay connected wirelessly and easily pair with other devices. Whether you’re a professional or a casual user, this Apple laptop is designed to meet your computing needs.


$309.97 or $21/Month

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