Boost Your Productivity with UseChatGPT: The Ultimate AI Copilot Extension

UseChatGPT is an incredibly useful copilot extension designed for the popular AI chatbot. However, you may be wondering about its specific functionalities and capabilities. Allow me to provide you with all the necessary information.

Utilizing AI copiloting has become increasingly popular due to the demand for tools that significantly enhance productivity. Consequently, numerous tools have emerged in the market, each aiming to fulfill this need.

UseChatGPT, like other AI-powered tools, aims to leverage the power of expansive language models to boost productivity. But what sets it apart? Does it truly offer unique features, or is it merely another tool that adds unnecessary bulk to our Chrome browsers? Let’s delve into the details.


What Is UseChatGPT?

UseChatGPT is a convenient Google Chrome extension that utilizes the capabilities of ChatGPT, Bard, Bing Chat, and Claude to amplify online productivity. It empowers you to perform simple repetitive tasks on any website, such as writing, rewriting, summarizing, translating, explaining, and responding, all with the assistance of AI.

By doing so, it enhances the speed and efficiency of your work without requiring you to log in, utilize, or manually copy and paste text from separate AI tools. Enabling the extension is all it takes, and you’ll have access to a digital terminal reminiscent of Notion, which appears in any text area you’re working with.

Currently, UseChatGPT is available for free, making it an excellent addition to other complimentary AI prompt extensions. Moreover, it serves as a more affordable alternative to premium copilot tools like Microsoft Copilot and Copilotly. Notably, it has already garnered over 400,000 users, making it a noteworthy option worth considering.

Steps to install UseChatGPT

1. Visit the UseChatGPT website or search for the tool on the Google Chrome extension store. Click on “Add to Chrome” to install it.
Image: UseChatGPT extension screenshot in Google Chrome.

2. After installation, a registration tab will open. Sign in using your Google account.
Image: Sign-in page for UseChatGPT.

3. To begin using the plugin, press Alt + J. This will open the sidebar of the tool. Choose “Free AI” as the AI provider. Enter your prompt or select one from the dropdown list, then click on “Generate.”
Image: Available prompts from UseChatGPT.AI.

While “Free AI” is the default AI provider, you also have the option to use ChatGPT, OpenAI API, Bard, Bing, or Claude as your providers. Note that for some providers, you will need to log into your respective accounts.

UseChatGPT offers several features that can help you in various ways:

1. Rewrite: The tool suggests improvements to enhance your writing, including clarity, spelling and grammar corrections, text length adjustments, tone changes, language simplification, and sentence paraphrasing. This significantly improves your writing productivity.
Image: UseChatGPT rewriting text.

2. Summarize: If you need to go through long text quickly, UseChatGPT can provide concise summaries and key takeaways, allowing you to grasp the main ideas and essential points efficiently, without being overwhelmed by excessive details.
Image: UseChatGPT summarizing text.

3. Reply: UseChatGPT acts as a helpful chatbot, generating personalized replies. It enables you to respond seamlessly to emails, engage on social media platforms, and participate in conversations on messaging apps like WhatsApp and Slack. The generated responses are of good quality but should be reviewed before sending.
Image: UseChatGPT replying to an email.

4. Explain: When you come across complex contexts that require simplified explanations, UseChatGPT can provide you with understandable explanations. It can also identify action items within lengthy texts, streamlining your reading experience and enhancing productivity.
Image: UseChatGPT explaining text.

5. Translate: UseChatGPT offers seamless translation capabilities, using advanced language processing algorithms to translate text into various languages. It serves as your instant language companion for any foreign language context.
Image: UseChatGPT translating text.

In general, if you engage in extensive writing on a daily basis, UseChatGPT can significantly maximize your productivity.

Benefits and Considerations of Using UseChatGPT

There are numerous advantages to using UseChatGPT:

1. Seamless AI Integration: UseChatGPT allows you to utilize AI features without leaving your current tab. It provides essential prompts, and all you need to do is provide the context or content you want to work on. This convenient integration enhances your workflow.

2. Free and Independent: The tool is free to use and includes an in-built AI plugin called Free AI, which can be used independently of established tools like ChatGPT and Bard. Additionally, if you have accounts with other popular AI tools, UseChatGPT can provide instant access through their APIs.

3. Curated Prompt List: The tool’s providers have curated a list of over 150 optimized prompts, available on their website. These prompts cover a wide range of activities and can give you a head start in various tasks, such as writing optimized articles or YouTube video scripts.

However, while UseChatGPT offers many benefits, it also has some considerations:

1. Usage Limitations: The Free AI feature has a daily limit after the initial one week of free use. Inviting friends can extend the free usage to up to 24 weeks without a daily limitation. If you use other AI providers, your usage limit will depend on your account limits.

2. Limited Browser Compatibility: Currently, UseChatGPT is only available for Google Chrome. It cannot be used with other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Edge. In contrast, competing tools like Copilotly offer compatibility with multiple browsers.

3. No Session Record: Unlike ChatGPT, which saves your work in chat sequences for later access, UseChatGPT does not retain a record of your sessions. Once you close your browser, your history is deleted.

In summary, UseChatGPT is a valuable copilot tool that can significantly enhance productivity without any additional cost. Although it is in the early stages of development, it is expected to improve over time. Ultimately, the decision to use the UseChatGPT extension depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Considering the ongoing AI race, there are various alternative tools in the market, such as Microsoft’s Copilot, which you may also consider. However, it is crucial to understand the functionalities of these tools and how they align with your requirements.

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