Reconciliation: This is the way of reconciling broken relationship. In order to return to a friendly relationship after an estrangement, the Jews of old offered sacrifices to bring about reconciliation with God. The Israelites sang to God. In the Old Testament, atonement was made to God by means of sacrifices, offerings prayers and repentance. On the day of atonement, the high priest performed a ceremonial rite to cleanse the people from their sins.


The New Testament used the word “Reconciliation” instead of “atonement”. Paul and other Christian preached that Christ made reconciliation between God and man; “God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself” (2 Cor 15:19)


Man needs reconciliation with God. The story or parable of the prodigal son depicts repentance on the part of the lost son, reconciliation and forgiveness on the part of the father,. The son represents man (the sinner), and his father represents God, the forgiver and reconciliatory.



  1. Define Reconciliation.
  2. Write out the requirements needed for reconciliation.



Esau and Jacob were the two sons of Isaac and Rebekah. They were born twins, but Esau was the elder one. Esau was a hunter while Jacob was a shepherd. Each of the parents loved one of the sons. Esau was much loved by his fathers while Rebekah showed greater love for Jacob. As a result of this divided love, the children suspected each other and each wanted to prove his superiority over the other and how better loved he was.


An opportunity came and Jacob wanted to show Esau that he was superior and more intelligent. Esau came back one day from hunting and was very tired and hungry. He met Jacob preparing a delicious food and begged him for some pottage. Jacob agreed on the condition that Esau must sell his birthright to him. Esau agreed to part with his birthright because of a plate of pottage.



When Isaac was old, his eyes were dim and he could not see properly One day Isaac called Esau and told him to prepare a delicious meal for him so that he would eat and bless him before he dies. Esau went to the bush to hunt for animals.After he had left, Rebekah quickly called Jacob having heard what Isaac had told Esau. She instructed him on what to do. Jacob was afraid and did not want to deceive their father, but Rebekah encouraged him.


Rebekah took one of the goats from Jacob, she killed it and removed the skin and prepared the meal on his behalf.  Rebekah disguised Jacob with the animal’ skin and made him wear Esau’s clothes. When Jacob brought the food to the father, Isaac touched his body and said that the voice was Jacob’s voice, while the body was that of Esau. Eventually Isaac, ate the meal and blessed Jacob. Immediately Jacob left Esau came in and went to his father for the blessings.


He wept bitterly when he discovered that his brother had cheated him He promised to kill his brother but Rebekah sent Jacob to his brother’s house-Laban in Haran.



After twenty years in Haran, Jacob decided to go to Esau and reconcile with him. He sent messengers to Esau in the land of mountSeir, the country of Edom telling him about his arrival. The messengers returned to Jacob with the news that Esau was coming to meet him with four hundred soldiers. Jacob divided the people that went with him into different groups.


On the way, Jacob wrestled with an angel and his name was changed from Jacob to Israel. He called the name of the place” Bethel” which means “I have seen the Lord face to face and my life is preserved”. Eventually, he met his brother Esau and bowed himself to the ground seven times for him. He called him Lord and gave him presents of flocks of cattle, sheep, oxen etc. His brother was happy, he embraced him and fell on his neck and they reconciled.



  1. Explain the circumstances that led Jacob to receive Esau’s blessing.
  2. Describe Rebekah’s attitudee to her two sons and how it affected them later in life.



  1. Explain the circumstances that led Jacob to receive Esau’s blessing.
  2. Describe Rebekah’s attitude to her two sons and how it affected them later in life.
  3. Define Reconciliation.
  4. Write out the requirements needed for reconciliation.



Christian Religious knowledge for JSSBk 1 By I.O Adeyemo

RSV Bible Reading Gen 25:17-34; 27: 1-46



  1. ____were the parents of Esau and Jacob (a) Isaac and Rebekah      (b)Abraham and Sarah (c) Joseph and Mary
  2. Esau sold his birthright for ____(a) Pottage (b) bread (c) water
  3. Rebekahloved____(a) Jacob (b) Esau          (c) Both of them
  4. Isaac loved (a) Esau (b) Jacob (c) both of them
  5. ____disguised Jacob with the animal’s skin to receive Esau’s Blessing (a) Hannah (b) Ruth (c) Rebekah



  1. Explain the circumstances leading to Jacob receiving Esau’s blessing
  2. Describe the attitude of Rebekah to his two sons and how it affected them later in life


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