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They lead to diverse career opportunities such as:

  •   Interior Designer
  •   Chef
  •   Air Hostess
  •   Dietician
  •   Community Health Worker
  •   Fashion Designer
  •   Entrepreneur
  •   Researcher
  •   Textile Engineer
  •   Teacher

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This is the chief cook of a large kitchen staff. He/she is in charge of menu creation, staff management and business aspects related to the kitchen.

Air Host / Hostess

Also known as flight steward or cabin crew member. He/she ensures that passengers have a comfortable journey on the flight.


An expert in Food and Nutrition. He/she promotes good health through proper eating; supervises the preparation of food, develops modified diets, participates in related research and educates individuals on good nutritional habits.


Community Health Worker

A member of a community who is chosen by community members to provide basic health and medical care to the community.

Fashion Designer

A Fashion Designer creates original garments as well as those that follow established fashion trends.

He/she studies trends, sketches designs of clothing and accessories, selects colours and fabrics, and oversees the final product of their designs.



A person who identifies a business opportunity, assesses the risks involved, organises the necessary resources to start and run a successful business.


A person who tries to discover, interprete and develop methods and systems for the advancement of human knowledge on a wide variety of scientific matters of our world and the universe.


Textile Engineer

The textile engineer specializes in the study of fibres and new textile production methods.

The profession includes turning fibre into fabric and fabric into clothing and other textile products.

Interior Designer

This profession is concerned with anything that is found inside a space/room, that is, walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, light and furnishings.

The interior designer uses these elements to develop a functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing space/ room for use.

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