Drowning is the blockage of air passages by liquids when swimming or if one falls into water bodies such as lakes, rivers and basins. A child bending into a bucket full of water. The child then falls inside.


Water storage containers must have tight fitting lids. Do not store water in open containers. All water pools around the house should be drained. Bathtubs should be unplugged after use. Do not swim unaccompanied by a life saver. Remove the casualty from the water as quickly as possible. Shout for help if you cannot swim.


Once the casualty is out:

  1.  Open airways by placing casualty briefly on the side to drain out the water.
  2.  Check for breathing and blood circulation.
  3.  Start artificial respiration immediately if the casualty is not breathing.
  4.  If there is no pulse, start Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation.
  5.  If casualty starts breathing, put him/her in a recovery position.
  6.  If no response, continue with Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation until help arrives.


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