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Co-operation is wanting together to achieve a good. It is the cordial relationship among people which leads to a peaceful co-existence. It is the opposite of conflict and competition. It is required in all aspects of the families, schools, officers, industries, churches, mosques.


Cooperation is enhanced when members of a group have approve, rules and regulations even values for achieving a common goal.

Co-operation is impossible when members do not agree with one another. It is therefore imperative to learn how to live together with other students, must learn to co-operate with their teachers, classmate and school mates.



There are three types of cooperation namely:

  1. Internal co – operation
  2. Bilateral co – operation
  3. Multi – lateral co – operation
  4. INTERNAL CO-OPERATION: in a community or individuals and groups in a community or state come together for economic, social and political objectives of the community or state. Examples of such includes electing leaders into political power. Political association, cooperative societies social clubs are example of internal cooperate for community development and achieving specific goals and objectives.
  5. BILATERAL COOPERATION: this is usually between two countries to enlarge the economic, social and political development of the two countries involved.
  6. MULTI-LATERAL COOPERATION: this involves several countries coming together to evolve strategies of solving specific problems. The agreement is binding on the number states who must be signatories to the agreement. Any member state that default will be sanctioned e.g. United Nation Organization (UNO), Economic Communities or West Africa (ECOWAS) e.t.c

The United Nations was established in 1945 to prevent a third world war and foster good neighborliness amongst members state.



  1. UNITY: It is the core of cooperation’s only united people can work together. People must be are with leaders in order to make progress.
  2. SHARING: we must share information, idols, views and opinions of material needed for accomplishing a task if we are to achieve our collective goals.
  3. SUPPORT: a cooperative individual backs, helps and support others by working in agreement. As citizens we ought to support government programmes of they must successes.
  4. TEAM SPIRIT: it is a very important attitude of cooperation. It makes everyone to be part of the task and see himself as important as others in the achievement of a set goal.
  5. CARING: everyone must be cared for so that they can have a sense of belonging. The leaders must care for the followers and vice versa. Everyone must be kind and helpful to the others for a successful co-operation.


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