Attributes of a Courageous Persons

The following are some of the attributes a courageous person:

  1. Commitment: a courageous person should always be hardworking and very loyal
  2. Endurance : a courageous person should be able to tolerate suffering ,pain and hardship without complaining
  3. Determination : a courageous person should have a strong feeling or desire to achieve results or goals
  4. Steadfastness: a courageous person must be firm and must not be somebody who changes his/her words and actions anyhow and must be known for what he or she is.
  5. Diligence : one must be careful, thorough and very hardworking
  6. Boldness : one must not be fearful in whatever he/she does
  7. Bravery : one must be ready to face danger ,pain or suffering when carrying out a task, which means he or she must be lion hearted


Mention 5 attributes of courageous person in society


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