Computer Professional Bodies

The following are some of the prominent computer professional bodies in Nigeria.

  1. Nigeria Computer Society (NCS)
  2. Institute Of Management Information System. (IMIS)
  3. Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN)
  4. Information Technology Association of Nigeria (CPN)
  5. Nigeria Internet Group (NIG)

 Nigeria Computer Society (NCS)

The Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) formed in 1978 as Computer Association of Nigeria (COAN) and changed into NCS in 2002 as a aftermath of harmonization with other stakeholders and interest groups. NCS is the umbrella organization of all information Technology Professionals, interest Groups and stakeholders in Nigeria.

Nigerian Computer Society is a place where people interested in Computing Technology within Nigeria gather to share ideas and knowledge. You can become a member by completing the form on line.

Functions of NCS Are listed below;

  1. To promote the education and training of computer and information scientists, computer engineers, information architects and information technology and system professionals.
  2. To actively encourage research in the advancement of computer and information sciences.
  3. To promote the interchange of information about the science and arts of information processes.
  4. To develop the competence of members and encourage the practice of computing.
  5. To promote and protect the professional interest of the member.
  6. To work for the recognition by government of ‘Digital Divide’ and to collaborate with relevant governments.

Information Technology Association of Nigeria (ITAN)

ITAN was founded in 1991 to promote IT literacy and penetration in Nigeria and to promote interest of the members in the area of policy formulation and negotiations with government on IT policy matters.

ITAN is association of over 350 Information Technology driven companies in Nigeria.


  1. The ITAN provides learning opportunities within the engineering sciences research and technology.
  2. The goal of the ITAN education programs is to ensure the growth of skill and knowledge among the technician profession and to foster individual commitment to continuing education among ITAN members, the engineering and scientific community and the general public.

Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria

Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria is a corporate entity charged with the control and supervision of computing profession in the country. The computer professionals were established through Act No. 49 of 1993 promulgated on June 10 and gazette on August 9.

Functions of CPN

  1. The body is charged with the responsibility of determining the standards of knowledge and skills to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the profession and improve those standards from time to time as circumstances permit.
  2. It is also part of the responsibility of CPN to maintain a register of persons seeking to be registered under the Act to practice computing profession and the publication from time to time of the list of such.
  3. They conduct exams known as Computer Professionals Examinations to other professionals that are interested in building career in Information Technology (IT). Upon completion of the exam, the person will be registered under a full member category.

Institute for Management of Information System(IMIS)

The institute for the management of information system exists to promote and support the professional use, application, and management of information system.

The institute for the management of information system is the teaching of independent professional association for both users and developers of today’s information technologies.


The IMIS vision is to see that information system management is recognized as one of the key professionals influencing the future of the world. Mission is to further the course of professional in the cause of professionalism in the use of information system through life-long learning and to increase the awareness by the public as an individual or as an organization of the advances, implication and potential in information system.

Nigeria Internet Group (NIG)

Nigeria Internet Group (NIG), established in 1995, is a non profit, non governmental organization, promoting the internet group. The activities of the group have led to the increase in awareness about the internet within Nigeria. In the largest online community of youth interested in global issues and creating positive changes.


  1. To advance the development of local internet content through the adoption of online services such as government, e-health, learning, commerce.
  2. To promote the formulation of appropriate policies and legislation that ensures the growth and development of the internet in Nigeria.
  3. To promote the internet as a tool for personal and national development.


  1. State five computer Professionals bodies.
  2. State two functions each of four professionals bodies.

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