Constituents Parts of a Computer System

A computer is a special multi-purpose electronic device (Machine) that is capable of receiving instruction (data), storing and processing it and giving a desire result as output accurately at an incredibly high speed.

The computer as a system is made up of the following:

1.      Hardware

2.      Software



Refers to the physical units or components, which make up the computer configuration.


The software refers to the programmes which are processed by the Hardware. A program is a sequence of instruction that is carried out by the Hardware to solve given problems or to perform given tasks.


The characteristics of computer are:

1.      Computation

2.      Programmable

3.      Power

4.      Speed

5.      Storage and Retrieval of information

6.      Accuracy

7.      Versatility

8.      Diligence


Teacher asks the students the following questions:

1.      Explain the meaning of computer

2.      What is Hardware and Software

3.      List and explain five characteristics of computer


Teacher summarizes the lesson and allow the students to answer question to clarify doubt.


1.      What is a computer system?

2.      Distinguish between the Hardware and software parts of a computer system.


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