Features of a Plant


The shape of the leave of a plant can be described as follows: broad leaves, long leaves, narrow leaves, round leaves, divided leaves, thick leaves and thin leaves.


Plants differ in their sizes. Some are big. Some have a medium size. Others are small. Example of a plant with a big size is mango tree while an example of a plant with a small size is a tomato plant.


Plants differ in the colours of their stems, fruits and flowers

The colour of a stem could be green, ash, black, grey and brown.

The colour of a fruit could be green, black, grey, brow, red and ash

The colour of a flower could be green, brown, red, blue, purple and white


A plant could have a hard stem, soft stem, thin stem or thick stem.

Height and branches

Some plants are tall. Others are short. Some have branches. Others do not have branches. Some plants have climbing branches while the branches of some do not climb.



Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic ” Features of a Plant ”

Step III: Teacher lists and explains the features of a plant

Step IV: Teacher explains further with relevant examples

Step V: Pupils contribute and ask questions



1. Mention three different features of a plant

  1. Mention some colour the fruit of a plant could have.

Conclusion: Teacher concludes the lesson by evaluating the students and gives an assignment



  1. Explain the texture and size of a plant.


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