Plants are living things that can be found in our environment. Plants can manufacture their food by themselves making use of water and energy from sunlight through a process called photo they thesis. Plants take in carbon dioxide produced by animal and give off oxygen that is needed by man for survival


Parts of a plant

The main parts of a plant include the following:-

  1. Leaves
  2. Stem
  3. Root and
  4. Flower


Functions of the main part of a plant

  1. Leaves: This is the part of the plant that traps energy from sunlight through which the plant produces its food.
  2. Stem: This is the part of the plant holds the branches, flowers, fruits and leaves in place
  3. Root: This is the underground part of a plant that holds the plant upright. The root draws nutrient and water from the soil to nourish the plant.
  4. Flowers: This is the part that is involved in pollination which leads to the production of seed and fruit

Examples of common plant in our environment includes cassava plant, green grass, hibiscus plant, maize plant, palm tree and pawpaw plant.



Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic ” Plants ”

Step III: Teacher lists and explains the main parts of a plant

Step IV: Teacher lists various examples of common plants in our environment

Step V: Teacher takes the pupil round the school to show them the plants in their environment

Step VI: Pupils contribute and ask questions



  1. What is a plant?
  2. All plants can produce their food? Yes or No
  3. Mention three main parts of a plant

Conclusion: Teacher concludes the lesson by evaluating the students and gives an assignment



  1. Write the function of the root and the stem in a plant
  2. List six common plants you can see in your environment.


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