Modern Instruments that Produce Sounds

Scientists have produced a lot of modern instruments that can produce sound energy, some of these instruments are:- drum, saxophone, clarinet, piano, guitar, harp etc.

Examples of Instruments and Sound Energy

  1. Castanets clicking
  2. A calliope singing
  3. Cymbals crashing
  4. A drumstick striking a drum head
  5. Electric guitar whining
  6. A hammer striking a steel string in a piano
  7. A harp player plucking the strings with her fingers
  8. An islander blowing on a conch horn
  9. A kazoo humming
  10. A metal striker hitting a metal triangle
  11. A mallet striking a gong
  12. Maracas shaking



Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic.

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “Modern instrument that produce sounds ”

Step III: Teacher explains topic

Step IV: Teacher explains the topic further with relevant examples

Step V: Pupis contribute and ask questions



  1. What happens when a body vibrate
  2. List three modern instruments that produce sound

Conclusion: Teacher summarises the lesson and gives an assignment



  1. Sound is a form ______ energy
  2. List the examples of sound produce by modern instruments.


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