Behavior and sounds of animals


All animals eat food. The food they eat may be different. Some animals feed on banana, some animals eat beans, some cassava, some eat chick, some eat grass, some feed on maize, some eat leaf, some eat rat while fishes eat worm.


All animals can move. A goat can walk and it can also run. A snail can crawl. A fish can swim. A bird can fly. A grasshopper can hop. A lion can walk and can also run and an insect can fly


Sounds of animals          

Animals make different sound. The sound is a means of communication between them and it is referred to as animal language. Below is the list of some animals and the sounds they make:-

  1. A Bird sings
  2. A Lion roars
  3. A Snake hisses
  4. A Parrot talks
  5. A Cock crows
  6. A Goat bleats
  7. A Cat meows



Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “Behaviour and sounds of Animals ”

Step III: Teacher lists and explains th behaviour and sounds of animals.

Step IV: Teacher explains further with relevant examples

Step V: Pupils contribute and ask questions



  1. Mention two behaviour of animals

Conclusion: Teacher concludes the lesson by evaluating the students and gives an assignment



Answer the following questions

  1. A Goat

It eats (meat, grass)

It has (eight, four, two) legs.

  1. A grasshopper

It hås (ten, six, two) legs.

It moves by (hopping, swimming).

  1. A Fish

The body is covered with (hair, feathers, scales).

It lives in (soil, water, grass)


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