Where animals live and security

Animals live in different kinds of homes. Based on where animals live, they can be classified into two groups, these are:-

  1. Domestic animals: – These are animals that live with man at home; they are also known as harmless animals. Examples are cat, dog, hen, cow, goat, ram etc.
  2. Wild animals:- These are animals that live in the bush, they cannot live with man in the house. They are also known as dangerous animals. Examples of such animals include Lion, Tiger, Snake, and Cheetah etc. Below is a list animals and where they live
  3. A man lives in å house
  4. A bird lives in a nest
  5. A lion lives in a den
  6. A bee lives in a hive
  7. All aquatic animals’ e.g. fish, crocodile, crab live in water
  8. A rat lives in a hole.


Animal and security

Some animals serve security purposes, they keep watch over man at home, they are sometimes used to hunt other animal in the bush, they are taken to warfront during war. Example of such animal is dog.



Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “Where animals live and security”

Step III: Teacher state the classification of animals based on where they live and explain   .

Step IV: Teacher explains animals that serve security purpose

Step V: Teacher writes on the board and the pupils copy the note



  1. Name the two groups of animal that exist based on where they live
  2. List three animals and where they live

Conclusion: Teacher summarizes the lesson and gives an assignment.



  1. An example of animal that serves security purpose is___________


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