The human body

Parts of the human body includes:-

Table of Contents

Head, eye, nose, mouth, arm, hand, knee, leg, foot, toes etc.

Each part of the body is useful to us, part of the usefulness includes:-

Part of the body Use Part of the body Use
Eyes To see things Mouth To talk and to eat
Nose To smell things Buttocks To sit
Tongue To taste things Head To store information
Hand To carry things Skin To feel things
Leg To walk around Fingers To hold things



Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “The human body

Step III: Teacher states the part of the human body and asks the pupils to touch it on their body.

Step IV: Teacher explains the functions of some part of the human body

Step V: Teacher writes on the board and the pupils copy the note



  1. Name three parts of the human body

Conclusion: Teacher summarizes the lesson and gives an assignment.



  1. List the function of any three parts of the body
  2. Draw the following: human eye, human hand and human tongue


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