Soil is the top most layer of the earth where plant grow and animal walk Do you know that soil is very important to us? For example, we plant seeds in the soil in our farms and our school gardens. We also use soil for making bricks and pots.

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There are three different types of soil, namely:-

  1. Loamy soil or loam
  2. Clayey soil or clay
  3. Sandy soil or sand
  4. Sandy soil or sand:- It has brown or black colour and it is Very smooth and sticky. Soil particles cannot be seen in it. It allows water to pass very quickly
  5. Loamy soil or loam:- It has brown colour and it is fairly smooth. Soil particles can be seen in it but not easily. It allows water to pass but not quickly
  6. Clayey soil or clay:- It has yellow colour and it is very smooth and sticky. Soil particles cannot be seen in it. It hardly allows water to pass.



Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “Soil”

Step III: Teacher states the types of soil

Step IV: Teacher explains the features of each type of soil

Step V: Teacher writes on the board and the pupils copy the note



Answer these questions

  1. How many soil types do we have?
  2. Name them.

Conclusion: Teacher summarizes the lesson and gives an assignment.



Answer these Answer these questions

  1. In what type of soil would you plant your maize? _________________
  2. What type of soil will you find at the beach or seashore?___________
  3. What type of soil will be good for making a pot? _________________

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