Information is processed data. Information is useful and meaningful to the users. Unprocessed information is called data. The singular form of DATA is called DATUM.


Qualities/Characteristic of Good information

A good information must process the following qualities/characteristics.

  • Timely: A good information must be timely. It should be communicated at the most appropriate time.
  • Communication: A good information must be communicated to the right person and through an appropriate channels of communication
  • Meaningful: Information must be meaningful to the receiver in order to be regarded as good information
  • Accuracy: A good information must be sufficiently accurate to the user.
  • Complete: A good information must be complete, half-truth about any information is regarded as in complete.
  • Relevance: A good information must be relevant for its purpose. Any information that is not relevant is not useful to the receivers.
  • Affordable: A good information must be provided at a cost which is less than the value of its worth or benefits. If the cost of getting or using any information is more than what the information.



List the information gotten from academic

List four characteristics of a good information    


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