L’adjectif Demonstratis

Masculine:-       Ce, cet             –           this

Feminine:-         Cette               –           This

Plural:-              ces                   –           these

  1. Ce:- is also used with masculine e.g. ce livre, ce bic
  2. Cet:- is also used with masculine nous but the ones that start with vowels e.g. cet avion, cet home e.t.c.
  3. Ces:- is used with both masculine and feminine nous in plural form.

e.g.      ces livres

ces hommes

ces gommes

ces filles

Generally with adjectives, it is a rule that adjectives must agree in gender and in number with the nouns they qualify.  That is, if a nouns is in singular form and masculine in gender, the adjective that qualifies such a noun must also be in singular an in masculine form vice versa.

Example 1:

___________ filles chantent mieux  (a) ce  (b) ces  (c) cette  (d) cet

To be sure of your answer, ask yourself the following questions

  1. Is “filles masuculine or feminine> it is feminine in gender is it singular are plural? It is in plural the, ces can now be your answer.

Examples 2:

Je porte un pantaloon _____________  (a) blanche  (b) blanc  (c) noirs  (d) noire

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