Sewing Measuring Tools

Measuring Tools are tools used for patterns and body measurements to ensure accuracy and good outfits. It is important and professional take accurate measurements in order to ensure good outfits. For accurate measurements, the following sewing measuring tools are used.


Measuring and sewing tools for body measurement and garment construction –

  1. Tape measure
  2. Tailor’s chalk
  3. Ruler
  4. Scissor
  5. Cutting board/table
  6. Pin cushion
  7. Pins
  8. Needle
  9. Flat iron
  10. Ironing board, etc.



Men’s Sizing Charts

Parts of the body to be measured –

  1. Chest

Take measurement up under the arms and around chest.

  1. Sleeves

Measure from the base of the neck, across shoulder, down arm to slightly bent elbow and up to wrist.

  1. Waist

Measure circumference at the narrowest part.

  1. Hips

Measure at the fullest point, standing with feet together.

  1. Hats

Measure around the largest part of the head.

  1. Gloves and mitts

On adult gloves and mitts, your hand circumference in inches equals glove size. Measure around a flat hand at the knuckles; do not include thumb.

  1. Full length

Women’s Sizing Charts


Parts of the body to be measured

  1. Bust

Measure all the way around your bust and back on the   line of your nipples.

  1. Chest

Measure directly under your breasts, as high up as possible.

  1. Waist

Measure at its narrowest point width-wise, usually just above the navel.

  1. Hips

Measure around the widest part of the hipbones.

  1. Midway

Measure midway between the widest part of your hips and your waist.

  1. Thighs

Measure around fullest part of upper leg while standing.

  1. Knees

Measure immediately above the knee.

  1. Calves

Measure around fullest part.

  1. Upper arm

Measure above your elbows – around fullest part.

  1. Forearms

Measure below your elbows – around fullest part.

  1. Full length



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  1. Mention four measuring tools;
  2. Name five parts of the body to be measured for clothing construction.
  3. Take accurate measurements of male and female.


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