The Bible is the sacred book containing God’s revelation to people. It is the inspired word of God. It is the book through which God communicates with His people.


The Bible as the word of God

The Bible is the word of God because:

  1. a) The written scripture contain God’s word.
  2. b) Through the Bible God communicates his will to humans.
  3. c) It contains word written by inspired authors such as the prophets who were sent by God.
  4. d) God himself took part in the writing of the Bible. E.g. God is believed to have written the Ten Commandments
  5. e) It contains the history of salvation realized through Jesus Christ.
  6. f) The Word gives revelation to mysteries.
  7. g) The Bible contains a message of hope and reconciliation.
  8. h) It reveals that God controlled what was being written and what He intended the writers to pass to the people.


The Bible as a library

The Bible is referred to as a library since it is a collection of inspired scriptures or books.

The Bible contains 66 books.

The Bible is divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The Old Testament contains 39 books while the New Testament contains 27 books.

However, the Roman Catholic Church accepts 7 additional books referred to as Apocrypha or Deutero or canonical books.

The word Apocrypha means hidden or secret.

They are Esdras (1, 2), Tobit, Judith, Ecclesiaticus, Baarch and Maccabees.


Why the Bible is a library

Several studies show that:

  1. a) The Bible contains (66) book just like a library has many books.

The Bible is a collection of books arranged in series.

  1. b) The Bible is a reference book for Christians.

The authors of the Bible had a special spiritual guidance; hence each book was written for a purpose.

  1. c) The books were written at different times in history.
  2. d) The Bible has literary works.
  3. e) The Books written contain different topics.
  4. f) The Bible has different books written by different authors.
  5. g) The books of the Bible were written under different situations and circumstances.


The Bible: Major Divisions and Its Books

Major divisions of the Bible

The bible is divided into two major divisions.

These are the Old Testament with (39 Books) and the New Testament with (27 Books).

The word Testament means covenant or agreement with God.


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