The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

When Paul was persecuting the Christians in Jerusalem before his conversion, many disciples left the place and went to other parts of the world. The Spirit of Christ was with them guiding them on how to do the work of the Gospel.


An example was Philip who went to Samaria and preached the Gospel. The Spirit of Christ in him made him to convert many people and to baptise them in the name of Jesus. The Spirit of Christ also gave him the power to heal the lame and blind people. He also cast demons from those that were possessed.


The Spirit also made Peter to have the power to lay hands on people and they received the Holy Spirit. When some believers that remained in Jerusalem heard that Philip had converted a lot of people to Christianity in Samaria, they were happy. They sent Peter to go and lay hands on them so that they would receive the Holy Spirit.


The Spirit of Christ through Peter exposed one false convert who was a magician. He was called Simon the great because of his great magical power. He was among those that came out as believers and was baptised by Philip. He showed that he was not a true believer when he tried to offer money to Peter to sell to him the power of making people receive the Holy Spirit.

Peter was angry with him and told him to perish with his money. Peter said to him that the gift of God cannot be bought or sold. He advised Simon to pray to God for forgiveness of his evil intention.


Simon repented and begged Peter to pray to God for him for forgiveness The Spirit of Christ also directed Philip from Samaria to Graza, to join one Ethiopian man in his chariot. The man went to Jerusalem to worship and was reading a passage from Isaiah as he was coming back. The passage was about Christ but the Ethiopian did not understand. When Philip joined the man in his chariot, he asked whether the man understood what he was reading. The man said no and asked for assistance.


Philip interpreted the passage to him and the man understood things about Christ and believed in him. So, when they came to where there was water, the Ethiopian told Philip to baptise him and Philip did. The man went home a believer in Christ and was happy. The Spirit took Philip to another place.


Concerning Philip and Peter, we notice the following gifts of the Holy Spirit:

1          Wisdom to preach the Gospel and convert people.

2          Power to perform miracles of healing.

3          Power to lay hands on people for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

4          Wisdom to interpret the word of God.

Jesus told his disciples that the Holy Spirit would be their counsellor and their teacher. He would help them remember all things. He said that the Spirit would guide them in the way of truth so that they would not speak by their own authority. They would speak only what they heard. The Spirit would reveal to them things to come.


The role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the present day Christians In our lives as Christians, the Holy Spirit enables us to

1          hates life of sin.

2          fellowships with one another.

3          show true love to others.

4          preach the word of God with truth.

5          condemn boldly the corrupt practices in our country.

6          perform genuine miracles such as that of healing.

7          prophesy.

8          get revelations from God.

9          have the wisdom to understand and interpret the word of God speak in tongues genuinely.

11       interpret speaking in tongues.

12       have discerning spirit (to know a person operating with good spirit and the one operating with bad spirit, especially in prophecy.


Guide to Bible passage:

Acts 8, John 14:25; John 16:12


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