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Am, will, can,  would

Is, shall, could, must

Are, have, may

Was, has, should

Were, had, might

Some verbs, such as do, have and be, can either be used as main verbs or as helping verbs.


Examples: As main verbs As helping verbs

I will do the job, I do like the job.

Who has a pen? He has lost his pen.

They are my friends, they are coming today.

Sometimes helping verbs and main verbs are separated by words that are not verbs.


Examples: I do not ride bicycle any more.

Can we ever be friends again?

We should definitely apologize for the mistakes.


Exercise 2

Indicate H.V. under the Helping verb and M.V. under the Main verb in the following sentences.

  1. The school choir is singing a new song.
  2. The football season has finally begun.
  3. This car just can travel very fast.
  4. He had waited for this chance for years.
  5. My parents will be visiting us soon.
  6. Our friends have come for a visit.
  7. You must buy your ticket for the game.
  8. Sarah has chosen Kenyatta University for her degree course.
  9. She is hitting her child with a rubber strap.
  10. I will go for the game next week.


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