Drug Abuse

Meaning of drug abuse

We need to be very careful when we need to take drugs. We usually take drugs when we are ill, and these drugs are prescribed by medical doctors. This is the right use of drugs. Drugs abuse is the wrong use of drugs. We could see abuse in:

(a) taking drugs wrongly especially without doctor’s advice.

(b) taking drugs when you are not sick.

(c) taking more than what the doctor asks you to take.

(d) taking less than what the doctor asks you to take.

(e) buying drugs from the bus, markets, roadside or any unregistered medicine store.


Dangers of drug Abuse

Drugs are to be taken when people are ill. They should be taken under the guidance of a doctor. When we do not do this, we involve in drug abuse, which could be dangerous.

Drug abuse can cause any of the following

  1. Mental illness: If someone engages in drug abuse, he or she can become mad. This is because the wrong drugs may affect his brain. Mad people are always found on the streets.
  2. Accident: If anyone takes drug without the advice of a doctor, he can become sleepy or troubled in other ways. If such a person drives, he may have an accident
  3. Addiction: This is when a person cannot do without taking a drug. For example, some people believe only drugs can make them sleep. Some cannot play football without taking drugs. Such people will always take drugs even when they are not sick, and when the drugs are not recommended.
  4. Dropping out of school: A student can drop out of school if he is fond of abusing drugs. Some of the thugs at the motor parks are dropouts as a result of drug abuse. Many of them smoke cigarette and Indian hemp. If a school boy or girl engages in drug abuse, he/she will not be serious with his/her studies in school. This can lead to getting poor marks all the time. This can make him/her to be sent away from school.
  5. Death: Excessive use of any pain drug, especially relievers can lead to death. Pain reliever is a drug we take when we have pain in our body. Examples include paracetamol and aspirin. Michael Jackson, the popular musician, died because he too much pain reliever.


Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic ” Drug abuse

Step III: Teacher explains ways of abusing drugs

Step IV: Teacher explains the danger of drug abuse.

Step V: Pupils contribute and ask questions


  1. List five ways of abusing drugs.
  2. States two danger of drug abuse.


  1. Taking more of a drug than what the doctor asks us to take is called _________________. A drug addiction B drug peddling C drug abuse
  2. If one buys a drug by the road side, the person is engaging in _____________________. A drug trafficking B drug abuse C drug medication.
  3. Drug abuse can lead to _____________________.  A mental illness B mental soundness C healthy living
  1. When someone cannot do without taking a drug, it is called __________. A drug addiction B drug abuse C drug trafficking
  2. Drug abuse can lead to ______________________. A good performance in examination B good


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