Drugs are substances or mixtures that are consumed for the prevention or cure of ailments. Trafficking is the movement of human or objects from one place to another. Drug trafficking is the illegal transportation of drugs from one place to another for economic gains. People who transport drugs from one place to another are called drug traffickers.



Many people are engage in drug trafficking for the following reasons:

  1. Poverty: people get into drug trafficking business because they are poor and they want to get rich. It is an alternative measure against poverty.
  2. Greed: Many people have discovered that this illegal business is lucrative and they want to continue in it. They are not satisfied with what they have. They keep piling up wealth because they are greedy.
  3. Unemployment: The high rate of joblessness has compelled people to go into drug trafficking as a means of livelihood.
  4. Peer pressure: The influence of peers, friends and associates can mislead the individual to engage in this illegal act.
  5. Ignorance: Some people fall victim of drug trafficking unknowingly. This happens when a person is given a parcel to deliver without knowing the substances it contains. He or she can only get to know about it after he is arrested by officers of the law.

6          Porosity of national borders: A situation where the boundaries between two or more countries is not well secured it becomes easy for people to trade and travel to and fro with illegal drugs



  1. It is a criminal offence that can only lead to increase in crime in the society.
  2. It can lead to bad image of the country among other nations of the world.
  3. It can cause forfeiture of assets and properties if caught.
  4. It can result in imprisonment of trafficker.
  5. It can lead to death in some cases.
  6. It can bring disgrace to the individuals or their families.



  1. Education: One of the ways to prevent trafficking of drugs is through massive education of the people about the dangers and consequences of this illegal act. The national curriculum should be broadened to accommodate civic education where pupils and students will be taught to be good and responsible citizens.
  2. Provision of Employment: A situation where there is employment opportunity for the people it will be difficult for anybody to engage in drug trafficking.
  3. Skill Acquisition Programmes: People should be taught how to be self employment through skills acquisition such as hat making, bead making, tailoring, etc This will help to reduce engagement in drug trafficking.
  4. Law Enforcement: The various laws restricting trafficking of drugs should be well enforced. Traffickers should be met to face the full wroth of the law. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and other bodies should be well equipped to carry out their duties effectively.
  5. International Cooperation: Nations of the world should come together to map out strategies on war against drug trafficking. This will reduce the illegal transportation of drugs from one country to another.
  6. Security of National Borders: Our national borders should be well secured to avoid illegal movement of drugs to and fro the countries.
  7. Religious Intervention: The various religious groups such as Christians and Muslims should preach to their faithful on the danger of this illegal act and encourage them not to get involved.


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