First Aid

First aid is an immediate help given to an injured person before proper treatment by å doctor. It is help given to å person who suddenly falls sick or has an accident before the actual treatment in the hospital.

Materials found in the first aid box

Materials found in the first aid box include:

  1. A pair of Scissor
  2. Bandage
  3. Cotton wool
  4. Iodine
  5. Hot water bottle
  6. Paracetamol
  7. Plaster
  8. Hydrogen peroxide



Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic.

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “First aid

Step III: Teacher states the materials in a first aid box

Step IV: Teacher explains further with relevant examples

Step V: Pupils make relevant contributions.



  1. What is first aid?
  2. Mention five materials in a first aid box


  1. Draw a first aid box
  2. State the uses of three materials in a first aid

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