Graphic is a symbol produced by a process such as drawing, writing, sketching etc. Computer graphics are symbols that are displayed on the screen of a Visual Display Unit (VDU) which are considered as diagrammatic that includes pictures, Clip Art, regular/irregular shapes, Smart Art, Charts, Map etc.


A graphic package is a program used to create and manipulate figures on the computer. It enables the user to manipulate Visual images on the computer. It is created for specific purpose of free hand drawing, painting, maps, charts etc.


Uses of Graphic packages

  1. They are used to create, edit, display and print graphic image
  2. They are used to design letter head paper, birthday card, wedding card, complimentary card, invitation cards, logo, banners, etc.
  3. They are used for designing art works
  4. They are used for designing cartoons, news, book cover, illustrations in the textbooks.


Common graphic packages

The examples of graphic packages are:

  1. Core Draw
  2. Microsoft Paint
  3. Adobe Photo shops
  4. Logo Graphics
  5. Paint Brush
  6. Paint Artist
  7. Instant Artist
  8. Photoshop pro
  9. Harvard graphics
  10. Paint shop pro.


Features of graphic package window

  1. Title Bar: This shows the name of the package and filename. It is the topmost bar of the screen.
  2. Menu Bar: This displays different menus in graphic package
  3. Printable Area: This is referred to as work space or work area for the user’s work. It is also called the page layout.
  4. Tool Bar: This bar contains the command and icon for performing operation in the work icons are small pictures that represent command.
  5. Status Bar: This displays detailed information about (program) object selected.
  6. Colour Box Palettes: this is a collection of symbols and set of available colours that represent drawing tools for a simple palette may contain a paint brush, pencil and eraser or colour palette displays various colours used for colouring any selected object/text.
  7. Scroll Bars: These are used in scrolling page layout/work area in the desired direction. We have horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
  8. Rulers: These are used to measure objects.



  1. What is graphic package
  2. Mention the uses of graphic packages
  3. Mention the examples of graphic package
  4. Mention and explain the features of graphic package


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