The Educator’s Guide To Using Video In Teaching And Learning

The Educator’s Guide To Using Video In Teaching And Learning

During the recent COVID pandemic, the education industry went through a major paradigm shift. Classroom lectures were not feasible considering the risk factors during the COVID pandemic. It is why the education industry started using online channels to continue its operations.  Also, online learning platforms became the solution for administering tutorials and sending out learning materials.

If you are an educator trying to leverage the power of online teaching, you should include video in your teaching. Videos play an important role when it comes to connecting with the students remotely. Let us know a definitive guide for using videos in teaching and learning.

Types of videos used in online teaching and learning

The first type of video used in online teaching is live video. By using digital channels like Google Meet and Zoon, teachers are live streaming to students. Live teaching videos don’t require extra editing efforts. You can simply use a live streaming platform and provide the room link to the students. Students can see you live and enjoy a lecture session from their homes.

The next type of video for online teaching is pre-recorded video. If you are sharing a pre-recorded teaching video, you have to put in some editing efforts. Even if you are live streaming, you can share the links of pre-recorded videos with your students for better teaching. Videos are always helpful when it comes to learning a new concept. In this blog, we will talk about how to make engaging pre-recorded videos for online teaching and learning.

Use a video editing platform to make teaching videos

A video maker will be your companion in making effective learning videos. With a video editing tool, you can add that professional touch to your teaching videos. A video editing platform lets you add stickers, shapes, emojis, text styles, transitions, overlays, and much more to your educational videos. You can create engaging infographics with an online video editor to explain any concept.

Without a video maker, you cannot add many effects to your videos to make them interesting. Not to forget, you may need to make many videos for teaching the students. An online video editor helps you curb the time taken to create educational videos.

You don’t have to invest much into using an online video editor for making educational videos. Many video editing platforms offer a version that doesn’t charge anything. If you have just started your online teaching business or channel, you don’t need to hire a video creator. With a video editing platform, you can make effective educational videos yourselves.

Use pre-made templates to make learning videos

If you have to make many learning videos for your students, you may have to put in much effort and time. However, you can decrease the time taken to create learning videos by using pre-existing templates. A pre-existing template consists of many editing effects that are automatically applied.

You have to choose your footage and upload it to a premade template on any video editor. The editing effects will be automatically applied and your professional teaching videos will be made within minutes. Online video editors offer thousands of pre-made templates related to the education industry. You can choose one and upload your media elements to make a video easily.

Add subtitles to your learning video

Many online teachers upload their learning videos on social media platforms. If you aren’t an educator in any institution, you aim to gather as many views as possible on your learning videos. If the learning videos reach more people on social media platforms, you can build a vast online community. Your learning videos can reach more people only if they aren’t bound by any language barriers.

By adding subtitles to your learning videos, you give them a chance to reach more people. If your videos are in any regional language, try adding a subtitle in a global language to enhance the video reach. If the learning videos aren’t in the English language, you can add English subtitles as it is a global language.

An online video maker can help you add subtitles easily. It can also help in adding closed captions that can enhance your video reach. By adding subtitles, students from different countries can view and understand your learning videos.

Shoot educational videos without any hindrance

To make sure students learn any concept via an online video, you need to offer an uninterrupted viewing experience. If the learning videos consist of audio disturbances, students may not find them amusing. When you finish making an educational video, you should check for any audio/video disturbances. If your educational video consists of background narration, it should be consistent.

You can invest in some shooting equipment to make exciting educational videos. Make sure you get a whiteboard/blackboard for teaching which doesn’t reflect much. If your writing board reflects too much, you can adjust the lighting to offer the best viewing experience. Make sure that you place your recorder on a tripod stand to make stable learning videos.

Don’t make your educational videos text-heavy

If you aren’t using a blackboard for explaining any concept, you can use slides and animations to teach the students. Most educators include heavy text in their learning videos which does not amuse the online learners. We all know that text is important to convey your point but, you don’t have to rely too much on it.

According to scientists, human brains can interpret bite-sized information with ease. Instead of including lengthy paras in your educational video, you should include bite-sized information. It will make your educational video look interesting. You can also use infographics and illustrations to convey information in your video.


Educational videos have gained more popularity than ever in recent years. Many EdTech platforms are rising by sharing exciting educational videos. Creating effective online videos cannot be as easy as it seems. It is why you need an online video editor to create eye-catching educational videos.

If your educational video does not contain background narration, you can add music to it. Adding music to your educational video can set the mood right for the students. Start making exciting educational videos in 2022! 

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