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What is presentation package?  A presentation package is a software package used to display information in the form of a slide show. It provides the resources necessary to give a professional presentation for meetings, lectures, speeches or other similar situations. It enables graphic images to be inserted and manipulated in slide show.


Examples of presentation package

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. Lotus Freelance graphics
  3. Astound
  4. Gem draw
  5. Lotus Show
  6. Kingsoft
  7. Adobe Persuasion


Features of Presentation Package

  1. Creation of slides: slides titles are used to define the information on the slide as well as create a navigational outline for the presentation.
  2. Insertion of pictures: Pictures can be inserted into the presentation by using a layout into the presentation by using a layout with a picture place holder shape, pictures can also be used as background for presentation graphics.
  3. Insertion of video and audio: some presentation packages includes objects such as sound clip animated graphics, video clips or other media objects, these objects are generally added to emphasize the content of the presentation or provide an alternative means of delivering information.
  4. Animation: Customize animation is often added to a slide show. It can be used to delay the appearance of bullet points on the screen. The can help to keep audience focused on what is being presented.
  5. Slide show: the slide show has different views. They are:
  • From beginning or F5
  • From current slide or shift + F5
  • Custom slide. This creates or plays a custom slide show displays only the slides you select.
  • Set up slide show: It shows set up advance option such as kiosk mode
  • Hide slide: this will hide current slide from the presentation from showing during the full.
  • Slide transition: this can be set to govern how one moves from one slide to another
  1. Creation of graphics: graphics images can be created using elements of type, imagery, colour and shape in order to communicate a message or idea visually.
  2. Creation of organizational charts can be created from insert chart window e.g. column, line, pie, bar, area, xy (scatter, stock etc.)


Uses of presentation package

  • It is used to import other files such as Word and Excel into the PowerPoint slides
  • It allows the integration of multimedia such as using digital video and sound to enhance the presentation.
  • It gives easy upload of presentation to a server for web browsing
  • It assists educators to deliver course content to their students with imaginative and interactive.
  • Printing out slides, speaker’s notes, audience handouts and outlines enables the presenter and audience stay on track.



  1. Define presentation package
  2. Mention five (5) examples of presentation
  3. Mention six (6) features of presentation package and explain their
  4. Mention three uses of presentation package


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