Many of us go through our daily routine without noticing how many times we come into contact with computers. Computer technology has become such a part of our daily lives that if it were taken away we would lead radically different lives. Information communication technology involves the use of modern communication channels to convey information. The Global System Mobile – telecommunication (GSM), Facsimile (Fax), computers, television, satellite, communication, cellular networks, internet are among the gadgets used for this.

ICT in the Education Industry

ICT has really widened the scope of education. Computers are used to aid student learning through Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) and Computer Assisted Learning (CAL). CAI takes the form of:

(i) Drills: These allow students to practice concepts through repeated questions.

(ii) Tutorials: They are self-instructional programs that guide the student through new materials, but which allow the student to move at his/her own pace. The student can repeat a lesson if he/she does not understand it the first time.

(iii) Simulation: These are basically ‘what if’ analyses. They use sound, text and graphics (multimedia) to bring about an outcome based on a specific scenario. Topics on different subjects are on CDs and can be played on the computer by students. Students can then learn at their own paces. Degree and Masters Courses are also obtainable on internet. These are made possible through on-line courses.


ICT in the Banking Industry

The bank uses the high power of ICT equipment to handle wide variety of task such as:

(i) Keeping of customers accounts

(ii) Processing of cheques

(iii) Processing of deposit and withdrawals

(iv) Money transfer or electronic funds transfer (ETF)

(v) Automated Teller Machine (ATM)


ICT in the Medical Sciences

The versatility of computer and ICT equipment is most useful in medical profession. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, radiologists and researchers find computer to be very useful and indispensable tools. Many lives have been saved because of the use of computers.


ICT in Government

E-government has become a global phenomenon, especially in the western world. Information from the government is passed to the citizen’s logical decision much faster and accurate.


ICT in Law

Computers are revolutionizing legal practices rather than spending days researching related cases in legal case books, lawyers use keyboards to search through massive full text database containing more cases than in any law office’s library.


ICT in Airlines

An airline reservation agent communicates with a centralized computer via a remote terminal to update the database the moment a seat on any flight is filled or becomes available.


  1. How does ICT play an essential role in daily life?
  2. Explain briefly on the use of computer in (a) Airlines (b) Law (c) Banking (d) Medicine


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