What is laundry work?. Laundry work is the process of washing, drying, finishing and storing household articles and clothes so as to maintain their original state.

Washing Equipment

Washing equipment includes, buckets, basins, a laundry brush, washing machines and boilers.

A large sufuria can be used as a boiler.

Drying Equipment

Drying equipment includes, a clothes line, pegs, drying racks, clothes horse and various types of driers.

Finishing Equipment

Finishing Equipment includes irons, a calendaring machine, an ironing table or ironing board and a sleeve board.

Storage equipment

Storage Equipment includes chest of drawers and a wardrobe, which may either be free standing or built-in, suitcases, wooden or metal boxes.

There is also improvised storage equipment which may include a carton box, a string for hanging items, nails on a wooden board on the wall, hooks on the wall, organizers or a clothes stand.

Laundry Equipment

For laundry work to be effectively done you need sufficient laundry equipment.

These include:

  1. Washing equipment
  2. Drying equipment
  3. Finishing equipment
  4. Storage equipment


Soap is made from natural products such as animal fat or vegetable oil and an alkali.

Soapless detergents

Soapless detergents are made purely from chemicals such as petroleum by-products.


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