Narrative and Descriptive Essay

A Narrative is a story, a tale or an account of something that has happened and which one is retelling to another person.

Writing a good Narrative. To write a good narrative essay or enjoy a good story telling, the following should be consider.

(i)         The use of good language

(ii)        Contain an element of suspense (this involves good presentation)

(iii)       Appeal to the sense (of smell, touch, sight, feeling, and taste).

(iv)       it should not be too complex (I.e. without too many sub-plot

The above point means that

–           tell a simple story with just a few characters so that you can handle the narration effectively.

–           Write your story in such a way that you do not let your reader know the most vital result of the actions until the very end.

–           Narrate your story so vividly that a reader would almost see the people, event, and places described; smell the odours described, hear the sound made, feel the warmth and texture of object described; have a taste of food, stews, fruit, liquids, etc. which the people in the story are having

–           take care to write simple correct English and also ensure that you experiment with a lot of linguistic devices that language attractive such as: idiomatic and figurative expressions.


A descriptive Essay: This describes a person, place, or an object as clear as possible so that the reader can have a vivid mental picture of what the person or thing looks like. To describe therefore requires the student to have a salient fact at his finger tops. Also, he should be a good observer of things or people for instance, in describing your town the most obvious facts would be ones like: the name of the town, where it is located, the type of physical features in and around. The following guidelines will help

(a)        Pay attention to details which you can get by observation.

(b)        Use the detail to establish a point of view

(c)        Discuss a fat or point of view in one paragraph

(d)        Ensure that the different idea and paragraph are classify linked together.

To write good descriptive essay you would need to put down several point. How you should use these point (often, very, many and sometimes contradiction) will form the focus of attention in the section after next.


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