Consciousness means the condition of being awake and able to understand what is happening around us. It also means a person’s ideas feelings or opinions about politics life and his environment. It also means awareness. Self-consciousness mean awareness about oneself, what one is, what he can do or what he has. Group consciousness it is the awareness within the group of what they have, their role and their ability.


National Consciousness is the general feeling, belief, thought and perception of the people about their nation or country. Nigeria can be said to be a multi-national country because we have many nations (ethnic groups) in it. For example, the Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Efik, Ijaw, Fulanis and so many other ethnic groups in Nigeria. It is on record that Nigeria is occupied by over 250 ethnic groups with distinct features.

A nation means a group of people who share common origin, language, history, culture and government. They usually have identity and awareness.


Factors that encourage National Consciousness.

  1. Good government promotes national consciousness or love for one’s country
  2. Reward for hard work promotes national consciousness.
  3. When the government creates job for people, it promotes national consciousness.
  4. High standard of living promotes national consciousness. While high cost of living prevents the love for one country.


National Identity

Identity means the uniqueness of an individual or the ability of an individual to distinguish his/herself from other people. This means a situation whereby people from a cultural group are different from others because of some known characteristics. These characteristics may include our mode of dressing, food, greetings, music, marriage practices, arts and culture and so on. Every tribe/ethnic group in Nigeria have different cultural identities.


Methods of Identifying People

  1. By name (family names)
  2. By language and culture
  3. By place of origin
  4. By racial origin (coloured/black/white)
  5. By individual traits (looks, habit and characteristics)
  6. By national identity (and national symbols – constitution, map, the pledge, flag, coat of arm, the national currency and national passport)



  • Define identity
  • Mention ways of identifying people


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