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What is Osteomalacia? Osteomalacia is the equivalent of rickets in adults.

Osteomalacia is caused by inadequate intake of calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D and it mainly occurs in adults.

Bones soften, become distorted and fracture easily. The legs, spine, thorax and pelvis are deformed, pain in the bones, legs and lower part of the back. General weakness and difficulty in climbing stairs.

In severe cases, one experiences involuntary twitching of muscles especially those of the face and hands.


Prevention of Osteomalacia

  1.  Increase intake of Calcium, Phosphorous and vitamin D.
  2.  Eat foods fortified with vitamin D
  3.  Expose the body to the sun.
  4.  Gout is a disorder associated with affluent life style.
  5.  Gout results from a high intake of roasted red meat and alcohol.
  6.  Redness and swelling of affected joints.
  7.  Very severe pain in the affected joints.
  8.  Fever, lower back pain and vomiting.

Avoid too much roasted red meat and alcohol.

Take plenty of water.


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