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Acadlly is one of the world’s biggest free online Learning websites. Acadlly is a free online learning portal, specially designed to serve as an alternative means to the regular brick-and-mortar style of education for the less-privileged children or children born to low-income earners, adults who otherwise cannot afford to finance their way through school, as well as provide support to school children who need educational resources for further reading or learning. With Acadlly, students do not need to buy study materials such as textbooks or pay for lesson teachers and school fees; all materials and resources are offered for free.

Acadlly was created as a solution to the challenges young people face, especially the less privileged, with obtaining quality learning content, as well as not benefiting from free educational programmes. has gained popularity among young people from across the world. Currently, Acadlly covers 200 countries and 4500 cities in the world.  We have provided thousands of lessons, courses, subjects, articles, past questions and answers to hundreds of thousands of students and teachers in our country and across the globe.


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This is the best online learning website that I have come across. Every note is well explained. I kept coming back to read more to learn more. The lesson notes here cover all my subjects scheme of work (curriculum) and also cover all subjects from JSS 1 to JSS 3 and from SS1 to SS 3.
Adam Senu, Nigeria
As a teacher, getting the right contents for my students is what I love to achieve and Acadlly has all the learning contents that I need. The moment I visited this website, I got connected to massive wealth of contents for my students and for myself. Thank you Acadlly
Sarah Johnson, USA
Thanks guys for providing this online learning portal for free. So much learning materials and past questions to practice. This has contributed to the success of my studies. I hope some organizations can support this portal. We really need this in Africa and the world at large.
Mike Sendler, South Africa
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