From ages, till date and continuously, learning will start from the home. Yes, parents are to the first teachers every child start with, thereby, making the learning process an unforgettable one. Parenting is not a small task, as one need to be extra-careful in the way a child is being brought up. A larger percentage of a child’s behaviour is being nurtured within the four walls of the home. Many signals, gestures, sound, local and universal languages are being learnt by a child from their parents.
Let’s get the nails driven into the wood straight away as we look at some kinds of parents we’ve got around us.


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The “Hasty Parents”: These parents go as far as fighting and threatening the school their children attend. What is the threat about? It is not a reaction to a teacher who has scolded the child but for an unreasonable idea, like “I want my child to be in the next class” because he’s past the age of the current class and bla bla bla. You ain’t considering some factors, especially the I.Q of your child……huh! Today, we no longer talk of I.Q. Hence, you cause damage for your child……like who cares.


The “I don’t care Parents”:  These parents pretend to care but, even a fool in his smartness can read their caring letters. They leave everything for the teachers and are swift at blaming teachers for the misfortunes caused by them. There are two kinds of parents in this category.

Talkers: They can talk for Africa. All they are good at is to tell their children “go get your book and read……I’ve said mine o o o” they don’t supervise their children to read and if they do, that will be once in a blue moon.


Nonchalant: The former is better, compared to this kind. They show zero concern towards their children education. They prefer pleasure to academics and would go further to engage their children in the fun seeking life. What a pity!


The “Don’t disturb my peace parents”: When their children get back from school, after lunch, the next agenda is playfulness. If they are not playing, then they are watching unnecessary things on the television….not even now that sexual scene is being promoted, it is believed that to get full attention of viewers, the sex-like stuff must be presented, be it film, music, entertainment. Yet, don’t get me wrong. I’m not also saying your children should not watch cartoons but there should be moderation. Anything, they are watching should add moral and academic values to them not violence or immorality. If your children will make use of your phone, then it should be for a useful purpose, install education apps (they are game like) that will make equip them.


Train up your child in a positive way and when he is grown up he will care for you and bless you rather than curse you and beat you up. As a parent, learn to always read, through that you will indirectly make your child develop flair for reading

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