Post-Abortion Self-Care

Post-Abortion Self-Care

Following an abortion, you may be curious about how to tend to yourself now that the process is complete. The recovery period typically varies depending on the stage of pregnancy and the method of abortion chosen.

There are two primary methods of abortion:

1. Surgical: This involves a procedure conducted by medical professionals to extract the fetus and placenta from the uterus.
2. Medical: You ingest medication to terminate the pregnancy, commonly known as the “abortion pill.”

Abortion procedures are generally safe, carrying minimal risks. Nevertheless, it’s common to experience mild side effects such as bleeding and cramping.

Regardless of whether you underwent a surgical or medical abortion, it’s expected to have some symptoms afterward. Your healthcare provider will provide guidance on post-abortion care practices. Adhering to their instructions is crucial. Appropriate self-care measures can alleviate symptoms and reduce the likelihood of complications.

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