Self-reliance means the ability to do things by oneself without depending on other people to achieve the (set goals) them. It is the total transformation of a society without too much reliance/dependence on other country/society for development. Many people depend on others, for survival. This may be dangerous. But a self-reliant person or nation would be able to achieve its set goals/objective without necessary depending on others.

A serious student will not depend on his friends and teachers alone to study and pass examinations. He/she must be hard working in his/her study.


Attributes/Qualities of Self-reliance

  1. Belief and self-determination.
  2. You must be focused and conscious of your goals and objectives.
  3. Usage of available resources and personal efforts.
  4. You must have good knowledge of what you want to do.
  5. Confidence and ability to decide for oneself.


Reasons why person should be self-reliant

  1. To gain personal freedom
  2. To be accountable for oneself
  3. To develop, acquire new skills and become more creative
  4. It enables one to have self-control, discipline and self-control, discipline and self-respect.


Benefits of self-reliance

A self-reliant person would be able to:

  1. Acquire new skills and learn on the job without reliance on others
  2. It enables one to progress and develop in life.
  3. It makes one to be independent of others.
  4. It brings about self-independent of others
  5. It brings about self-esteem, self-respect and happiness.



  1. It brings about cooperation
  2. It encourages inter dependence, diligence and contribution of every member
  3. It enables them to be able to decide on issues.


Benefit to the Society

  1. Economic stability and less dependence on the foreigners.
  2. It encourages popular participation
  3. It brings about equity and fairness in public affairs.
  4. It promotes self-reliance, cooperation in the society.


Obstacles to Self-reliance in Nigeria

  1. Lack of public orientation and political consciousness on the needs and roles of the society.
  2. Lack of determination and political will of the leaders to (change the society of the country) transform the society (leadership problem).
  3. Lack of unity among the ethnic groups to move Nigeria forward.
  4. Some individual attitudes of people go against self-reliance. Acts like indiscipline corruption affects the development of the country.


How to discover our natural talents

  1. Through discovery method from experts
  2. Through teaching (expository method)
  3. Through trial and error until one gets the answer or solution to the problem.
  4. Through imitation from people close to us or that we have access to.
  5. Through God’s inspiration through revelations.



  • Define self-reliance
  • Mention 4 attributes of self reliance
  • List 3 ways of identifying talent


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