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  1. Publishing: The profession or business of preparing and printing books, magazines, CD-ROMS etc and selling or making them available to the public e.g. Evans Brothers is a reputable publishing company.
  2. Manuscript: Copy of a book, piece of music etc before it has been printed or a very old book or document that was written by hand before printinge.g. The author has sold his manuscript to a publishing outfit.
  1. Reader: a worker in a publishing house who reads a manuscript to see if it will appeal to the public.
    1. Author:A person who writes books or who wrote a particular book e.g. Who is your favourite author?
    2. Edition: The form or number of copies of a book, newspaper, or magazine. e.g. Sally Wehmeier is the chief editor of the seventh edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.
  • Revised Edition: A published book in which the author has added new ideas or eliminated obsolete concepts. e.g. The revised edition of the text book will soon be published.
  1. Hardback or Paperback: A book may have a hard outer covering or a light outer covering. This impacts its cost.
  2. Review: An examination of something with the intention of changing it if necessary e.g. This textbook is due to be reviewed.
  3. Imprint (Technical): The name of the publisher of a book usually printed below the title on the first page.
  • e.g. The publisher’s imprint is too vague.
  • Copyright: A statement showing the person who holds publication rights usually forbidding unauthorised duplication. e.g. It is still a matter of debate if the photocopying of a book infringes on copyright laws.



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