What is Technology? Technology is the systematic application of scientific or organized knowledge for the use of mankind.

Science and Technology are closely related. Science is a system of acquiring knowledge through research. Technology is the application of scientific result and knowledge to solve life’s problem.


Benefits of Technology

  1. Technology helps man to provide his needs
  2. Technology provide machines that make work faster, easier and neater for man.
  3. Technology creates job for man
  4. Technology helps man to capture his environment
  5. Technology creates global networking through internet.
  6. It provides standard health care facilities
  7. It enhances development in all areas of life.
  8. It saves time
  9. It saves energy
  10. It makes the means of communication faster and easier
  11. It reduces wastage
  12. It makes transportation faster and comfortable.


Types of Technology

  1. Developed technology/modern technology
  2. Underdeveloped technology/indigenous technology or traditional technology
  3. Developed Technology: It is the use of modern methods and tools. It is also known as modern technology. It utilizes789 materials that will help improve the living environment of man
  4. Underdeveloped Technology: It is referred to as indigenous technology which involves the use of crude methods and tools to do things for our immediate needs.


Disadvantages of Technology (Negative affect of Technology)

  1. Technology cause pollution to the environment. E.g. oil spillage
  2. Health hazard such as stress, cancer, etc.
  3. The climate change which the world is experiencing is a negative result of technology advancement.
  4. Poor academic performance as a result of advent of video games and internet access.
  5. Increase in transportation technology causing congestion in the society
  6. Technology causes increase in crime rate.
  7. Societal disorder such as pornography, internet marriages, etc.

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Areas Developed Technology Underdeveloped Technology
Transport Cars, train, ship, aeroplane, etc. Horses, use of foot, donkey, paddling canoes, etc.
Communication Fax messages, emails, T.V, satellite, radio, etc. Town criers, letter writing, oral message etc.
Farming Use of tractor, harvesters, planters, etc. Use of hoes, cutlasses, axes, knives, etc.
Cooking Use of gas cooker, electric cooker, pressure cooker, etc. The use of fire wood, and dried leaves.
Shelter Concrete building, glass houses, sky scrapers, etc. Huts, muds, houses, etc.
War Sophisticated weapons, like machine guns, jet bomber, etc Bow and arrow, spear, knife, etc.


Product of Technology

Some of the products of technology that are used are:

Product Function
Computer It is used for typing and storing information
Dish Washer It is used for washing dishes
Vehicle It is used for moving people and goods from one place to another.
Telephone It is used to communication to people
x-ray machine It is used to check the internal organs of the human body
Aeroplane It is used to fly people from one place to another.


Life Application of Technology

Technology has improved the standard of living and solved human problems in the following ways:

  1. Highways with traffic light to control the flow of traffic
  2. Good road network for easy transportation
  3. Internet facilities for communicating and sharing ideas.
  4. Modern houses with facilities that make life easier
  5. Manufacturing machine for mass and accurate production.

Also technology can be applied to the various areas of life.



  • Differentiate between science and technology


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