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  1. What is Dance?

DANCEdance is the movement of the body and feet to conform with the style of beats, songs and music.

The different types of dance activities

1. Pre-colonial or folk/traditional dance

This is dancing to the rhythm of traditional beats or music produced by crude or local instruments like Agogo, Sekere, Igba, Oja, Udu, Goje, Ekwe, Gangan, etc.

Some examples of traditional dances in Nigeria

  1. Bata Dance: This dance step belongs to the Yoruba ethnic group. The dancers wear historical costumes (dansiki) and dance to the beat of the bata drum
  2. Mkpokiti Atilogwu Dance: These dance steps are peculiar to the ibo ethnic group. They are energetic dance in which the dancers wear brightly coloured constumes.
  3. Koroso Dance: This dance step belongs to the hausa ethnic group in Nigeria.
  4. Agemo dance
  5. Egungun dance
  6. Eyo dance
  7. Agidigbo
  8. Sharo dance
  9. Langa dance

2. Social dance

As the name implies, social dance helps socialization especially among the youth. It evolved from traditional or folk dances which have been modernized by the influence of modern technologies like internet, mass media, mobile phone and faster means of transportation

Some examples of social dance

  1. Street dance
  2. Club dance
  3. Fox dance
  4. Ballroom dance
  5. Folk dance
  6. Fuji dance

3. Modern Dance

This is a 21 st century dance step which is usually performed in concert or theatre.

This dance style expresses the dancers` emotions and there are not many rules guiding their movements.

Some examples of modern dances

  1. Disco dance
  2. Break dance
  3. Rave dance
  4. Tango dance
  5. Waltz dance
  6. Cha-cha dance
  7. Mambo dance

Some examples of modern dances that are peculiar to Nigerians

  1. Alingo
  2. Azonto
  3. Sekem
  4. Alanta
  5. Skelewu
  6. Galala
  7. Swoo
  8. Shoki

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