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Volley ball was invented by William Morgan in America in the year 1895. The International Volleyball Association was formed in 1947. Volleyball became an Olympic game in 1964 and was first played at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

The Nigeria Volleyball Federation was formed in 1970 with Dr. J.C. Omoruwa as its first chairman. It is a game played between two teams of 6 players each. It can be played by both sexes.


Basic Skills and Techniques in Volleyball

The following are basic skills and techniques in volley ball:

  1. The service (under Arm, Tennis, overhead and windmill service).
  2. The volleying
  3. Digging
  4. Spiking
  5. Blocking
  6. Set-up
  7. Dink shot.

Rules and Regulations of Volleyball

The rules and regulations of volley ball include the following:

  1. All matches consists of 3 out of 5 games
  2. The choice of court or service is decided by a toss of a coin.
  3. Teams change courts after every game or set except in the deciding game when teams change courts at 8 points.
  4. The game is started with a service behind the base line.
  5. A player is not allowed to play the ball twice, in succession; however a team can play thrice in succession.
  6. A ball is out when there is a double foul.
  7. A service is retaken if there is a double foul.
  8. A game is won when one team leads by 2 points with 25 points aggregate.

Note: Any team can score a point whether the team is serving or receiving.

Officials of Volleyball and their Functions

The following are the officials of volley ball and their functions:

  1. One Referee
  2. One Umpire
  3. One Scorer
  4. Two Linesmen

The Referee

  1. He has authority over players and officials
  2. His decision is final.
  3. He penalizes violations made by players, captains and coaches.

The Umpire

  1. He is the assistant to the referee.
  2. He supervises the rotational order and position of the players
  3. He authorizes substitution requested
  4. He keeps the official time of time-outs.
  5. He notifies the referee of any crossing the centre line.

The Scorer

  1. He keeps the record of the players name and numbers.
  2. He records the scorers.
  3. He notes all time-outs
  4. He supplies the referee with relevant information at all times.

The Linesmen

  1. They are placed by the base line diagonally opposite each other to watch and indicate with their flags, when the ball is out or in.

Note: In volley ball game, all line ball is good.


Facilities and Equipment Used in Volleyball

The Facilities: The court, the net support and the referee’s stand.

The Equipment: The ball, the net, whistle, score board, score sheets, and wear for players.

Court/Pitch Specification (Dimension)

Court – Rectangular in shape.

Dimension is 18m by 9m.

Height of the net (man)2.43m. (woman) – 2.24m

Length of front court – 3m.

Length of back court – 6m.


Common Injuries in Volleyball

The following injuries are common in the game of volley ball:

  1. Fracture (wrist, ankle, bones of the fore arm)
  2. Dislocation
  3. Muscle cramp
  4. Strain
  5. Blindness from the hot shot


Values of Volleyball

The values of volley ball include the following:

  1. It helps in the development of safety skill and habits.
  2. It aids physical fitness and strength development.
  3. The game of volleyball provides a source of income and competition.
  4. It helps to boost mental accuracy and coordination.
  5. It is played for fun and enjoyment.


  1. Who invented volley ball game?
  2. What is the dimension of a volley ball court?
  3. How many players play the game of volleyball?
  4. How many players make a team?


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