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English Language (All Classes)

English Language

Speech Sounds /I/ and /I:/ contrasted

The /I:/vowel sound is long while the /I/ is short. They are contrasted using the following words. /I:/                                                                    /I/ eat                                                                   it beat                                                                 bit seat                                                                  sit heel                                                                  hill feel                                                                  fill seen                                                                … Read More »Speech Sounds /I/ and /I:/ contrasted

English Language

VOCABULARY | Words Associated with Publishing

Publishing: The profession or business of preparing and printing books, magazines, CD-ROMS etc and selling or making them available to the public e.g. Evans Brothers is a reputable publishing company.
Manuscript: Copy of a book, piece of music etc before it has been printed or a very old book or document that was written by hand before printinge.g. The author has sold his manuscript to a publishing outfit.

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