Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Films and TV

Slanting the news – expressing the news in a biased or prejudiced way so as to mislead the public censor – to approve whatever is published or broadcast before it is made public.

Curtail – restrict

Director – A person who directs the performance of a movie

Producer – a person who has general control especially of the money for a play, film or broadcast, but doesn’t direct actors.

Box-office – office where seats in the theatre or hall are booked and tickets are paid for

Rehearse – to learn and practise something for later performance

Star – a famous or very skilful performer

Audience – the people listening to or watching a performance

Curtain call – call made by the audience to an actor or actress at the end of the play to acknowledge applause.



Find out the meaning of these words: blockbuster, set, dress rehearsal, scoop, breaking news,


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